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Investment initially based on real estate within thriving commercial neighborhoods, in the greater Casablanca area. The procurement and trade of land, in addition to some touristic transportation ventures.

1990-95: California by 'Lilifornia'
Putting SIAMA on the map, this project was one of the largest land developments in the California area, Casablanca; a very well-known upscale neighborhood. Consisting of large sized plots made for residential villas, developed over 40 hectares of land, today California is famous for its excellent quality of infrastructure organization, location and safety.

1995-2000: Skalia Plots
After the vast success of the previous venture, Land development was a very attractive investment opportunity for SIAMA. Located just outside Casablanca towards Jadida, this Project consisted of more economical residential plots over large areas of land.

2000-2005: Al ALAA
An economic housing development based in Sidi Moumin, Casablanca. Al ALAA consists of over 1000 residential units of economical lodging, while the common areas include al basic services and amenities. Commercial units, shops and salons were also created for convenience to the residents.


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